I met a fantastic yoga teacher the first time I tried. I got so lucky. Jo Zukovich possesses extraordinary knowledge. She is thoughtful, considerate, supportive, intuitive, and empathic. She met me person-to-person, eye-to-eye. She made me feel - in my bones - that I belonged.

– Matthew Sanford

I just 'happened upon' this amazingly lovely teacher, Jo Zukovich...After I left her workshop this afternoon I felt that I was in this new and improved, lighter, taller body, expanded somehow...This woman is a gift, a treasure... Thank you so very deeply, dear teacher.

– Maria Toso, Owner, Breath of Life Coaching and Yoga

I met a fantastic yoga teacher the first time I tried. I got so lucky. Jo Zukovich possesses extraordinary knowledge. She is thoughtful, considerate, supportive, intuitive, and empathic. She met me person-to-person, eye-to-eye. She made me feel – in my bones – that I belonged.

–Matthew Sanford

Jo Zukovich was my first, and by far the most important, Yoga Teacher in my life. She lit the flame inside my heart over 20 years ago and it continues to burn to this day and surely for the rest of my life... I feel great gratitude for having the opportunity to continue to learn from Jo.

–Andrea Huber

I wish I had met Jo early in my yoga practice. Her depth of knowledge along with her compassionate, fun approach to teaching brings alive her passion for yoga and ignites this same passion in each student. Every time I take a class with her I learn something that I will use again and again in my own practice as well as what I sharewith my own students.

–Kathy Dahl

It’s so fun participating in one of Jo’s workshops. She is exceptionally knowledgeableand straightforward in her teaching. Jo has such a friendly and open way about her. She bops around the room, pleasantly gestures, addresses everyone by name, and exudes the feelingg that we are all significant and in just the right place. Jo genuinelyshares the experience of yoga.

–Mary Pat

What I love about Jo's teaching is the sense of exploration. As she explained, downward dog can be done many ways with different emphasis depending on where your practice is going. You take what you realize from one asana into another. She teaches us that more is available to you if you are willing to explore. And,that a practice over time is how your practice grows.

–Julie Welle

Jo’s warmth, wisdom, and deep knowledge of the principles of yoga are evident in every pose she teaches. Her ability to share yoga at this level allows me to deepen my practice and, in turn, my teaching of students living with disability.

–Amy Samson-Burke

"I started my journey with the art of yoga in 1979. Immediately, I was sure I would continue to practice yoga for the rest of my life. I have taught in San Diego for years, most recently at Yoga Arts Point Loma. Over the many years yoga has been a part of my life, I have owned several studios, trained many teachers, and taught countless students. Traveling around the world, I have taught in workshops internationally for 10 years. For over thirty years, my own practice and instruction of yoga has made an extraordinary impact on my life. I feel blessed to have had great teachers, mentors, and learning experiences throughout my journey. I have traveled to India four times, each time gaining a deeper relationship with yoga – an art, exercise, and meditation that opens one to new experiences and enlightenment. The work may start with the physical body, but yoga equally works the mental and spiritual body. My passion for yoga and its countless benefits leads my classes to be energetic, dynamic, and fun. I hope we can become more compassionate through the practice of yoga."

- Jo Zukovich

Namibia Yoga Safari October 2020 - Free Presentation

Thursday 6/20  5:15-6:00p  (before Jo's Thursday Class)

10 day Safari-Oct 2020 actual dates in October TBD

Join us for this FREE presentation with Alan Feldstein of Infinite Safaris  https://www.infinitesafariadventures.com and Michelle Cowell of Cowell Travel

Safari:10 day Safari-Oct 2020 actual dates in October TBD

Namibia is a varied African destination that will speak to the imagination of even the most intrepid traveler with its dramatic landscapes combined with unique sand dunes, abundant wildlife and a rich cultural heritage. Namibia is known as a country that feeds your soul!

This 10 day yoga retreat safari and adventure has been specially tailor made for you to experience Namibia’s incredible game viewing experience, gorgeous
landscapes and to explore a country where the Ocean meets the Desert. Meditate in the stillness of the oldest Desert in the World, see amazing wildlife, and end your visit with a visit to the Cheetah Conservation Fund where Alan is a trustee to see the amazing effort that is going on to save this beautiful endangered animal.

Your accommodations are set in unique locations offering the most incredible tranquil settings in harmony with nature. Each day is set to begin with a morning yoga practice out in nature . After breakfast, time will be spent on an excursion with professional guides specific to the area, a chance to really get to see the country and what makes it so unique finding yourself back in nature for an afternoon yoga practice taught by Jo Zukovich at sunset.

There is nothing quite like experiencing the sounds of nature, wide open spaces & breathtaking views to inspire relaxation and to find inner peace. This safari is designed for you to fall in love with Africa!

Contact:   michelle@cowelltravel.com

Namibia Yoga Safari


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